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Day Seven: Harpsichord Concertos (CD 1-7)

August 3rd, 2011 · No Comments · Armin Thalheim, Bach at 50, Bach at 57, Bach at 58, Bach at 59, Burkhard Glaetzner, BWV 1056, BWV 1057, BWV 1058, BWV 1060, BWV 1065, CD 1-7, Christine Schornsheim, Harpsichord, Harpsichord Concertos, Karel van Steenhoven, Mechtild Stark, Neues Bachisches Collegium Musicum, Paul Leenhouts, Squire of Gothos, Star Trek, Violetta Liebsch

More “Squire of Gothos” music. As I wrote in yesterday’s post, the harpsichord is an instantly recognizable instrument. As such, it’s likely you either love it or hate it. Very people probably hear the harpsichord and say, “Meh.” Of the five compositions here, I liked Concerto for Harpsichord, 2 flutes, strings, and orchestra in F […]

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Day Five: Violin Concertos (CD 1-5)

August 1st, 2011 · No Comments · 1717, 1735, 1738, 1742, Allegro, Amsterdam Bach Soloists, Bach at 32, Bach at 50, Bach at 53, Bach at 57, Bach at 63, BWV 1041, BWV 1042, BWV 1052, BWV 1056, BWV 1064, CD 1-5, Emmy Verhey, Henk Rubingh, Rainer Kussmaul, Thomas Hengelbrock, Violin Concertos

Now this is more like it! Next to Brandenburg Concertos, these Violin Concertos are my favorites so far. I realize I’ve only been listening for five days. But when I find something I like — really, really like — I have to make note of it. So that’s what I’m doing — making note of […]

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